State Registration MMC And Cannabis Consumer Insurance Software For Medical & Recreational Cannabis Consumers
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New State Regulation And Insurance Policy On Rec-Med Dispensary

Due to the new state regulation on dispensaries all customer who purchase cannabis from any dispensary are required to pay a refundable registration fee. 

  • INSURANCE FEE – $500

This fee is required to confirm if you are the owner of the state ID or Drivers License which you provide during the registration process and also cover your package in case loss or damage occur during the delivery process. the fee is refundable upon delivery in cash by the delivery agent in charge of your package delivery. Please make sure you sign before collecting  your package and refund upon delivery to will serve as proof after collecting your refund.

Cannabis Consumer Insurance Policies


Consumer Cannabis Insurance Policies will be tailored for your unique needs by you in collaboration with one of our expert cannabis insurance agents. There are more options than you might think! With over 10 years of SOLID cannabis insurance experience, every member of our team will be able to find your cannabis coverage the highest quality, most affordable insurance you can rely on. As more states become cannabis-legal, so too are new cannabis insurance carriers popping up to urge us to include them in our top-line policy products. But before we do, we carefully examine every word, meaning and implication of their policies before we decide whether they meet our high, world-class insurance standards.

Cannabis Consumer Transportation Insurance.

Cannabis transportation is highly regulated and failure to adhere to these transportation laws can have big repercussions for cannabis consumer.

If you are purchasing cannabis from any dispensary, regardless of your location, you need cannabis consumer insurance policy, especially when  purchasing frpm a dispensary. This coverage can ensure that in the event of an accident while waiting for the package you ordered, your policy can provide coverage for liability, physical damage and state package restriction.

Verified State Registration Areas