Real-Time Server Uptime Monitoring & Statistics

Verify MC’s Servers Have Over 99.9% Overall Uptime (Verified By Uptime Robot)


We Use for 100% Transparency in Sharing Server Uptime Statistics and History

View Verify MC server statistics from’s server uptime monitoring software that tracks current uptime, overall uptime, uptime last 90 days, uptime last 30 days, uptime last 7 days, uptime last 24 hours and status updates.

HIPAA Compliant

Registration MMC is HIPAA compliant and uses’s powerful HIPAA, HI-TRUST solution, learn more at

Nothing to Download

Our cloud based solution can be accessed at anytime by any device and is easy to use for both clinicians and patients


Registration MMC has a BAA backed by one of the leading HIPAA compliant hosting and security companies,